Website, 2015 screenshot 2015, homepage, 2015. Have a look

Quite frankly, I didn’t really design this version. I just put a few links on an uncommon background. It’s all about the few links in the corner.

The time has come, it seems, to actually buildĀ a good modern website for myself. It’s a bit embarrassing, this “carpenter’s house always needs work” business. Going to make something spectacular.

Website, 2014

malikov, homepage, 2014. Can see

For a few years the website was not important for me. I had to tend to other projects, amassed a body of photography, shifted vectors, switched paths, and so on. I decided that the website did not reflect what I’ve become and pretty much scraped it. This 2014 version was put up to signify a new beginning. You always come back to the basics.