Website, 2015 screenshot 2015, homepage, 2015. Have a look

Quite frankly, I didn’t really design this version. I just put a few links on an uncommon background. It’s all about the few links in the corner.

The time has come, it seems, to actually buildĀ a good modern website for myself. It’s a bit embarrassing, this “carpenter’s house always needs work” business. Going to make something spectacular.

Website, 2014

malikov, homepage, 2014. Can see

For a few years the website was not important for me. I had to tend to other projects, amassed a body of photography, shifted vectors, switched paths, and so on. I decided that the website did not reflect what I’ve become and pretty much scraped it. This 2014 version was put up to signify a new beginning. You always come back to the basics.

Website, 2007 2007 screenshot, homepage, 2007

No inner pages survived, it seems.

Here I started experimenting with “fluid” designs that fill up the whole page, instead of just hanging in the middle. The difference between screens and paper is that screens have variable sizes. Why did we realize it so relatively recently? We still had different monitors and ‘width=”100%”‘ was definitely available for web-developers.

This is where the whole big theme of “Alchemy” emerged. I was fascinated by the oils and pigments and tried to share the experience.